short haul modem

Great price on rs232 line driver with rj11 connector, surge protection, auto powered.


Model 201 - RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver

  • Operates with only Pins 2(TD), 3(RD), & 7(GND)
  • Screw Terminals and RJ-11
  • DTE/DCE Switch
  • Built in Surge Protection
  • Female RS-232
  • 19.2 KBPS, Full Duplex, 2.1 Miles


Product Description

The Model 201 RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver requires only TD, RD, and signal ground for power and full duplex operation up to 19.2 KBPS. The Model 201 is equipped with screw terminals and an RJ-11 connector to offer the user a choice of termination for the four wire line. Future changes in site wiring are, therefore, also easily accommodated. The DTE/DCE switch allows reversing of pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 connector to accommodate computers, terminals and multiplexers. Surge protection for the four wire line is also built in.

Model Description Product Info
201F RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver - Female Connector Specifications Manual Application Note

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