short haul modem

Great price on RS232 line driver, db9 connector, rj11 connector, micro size.


Model 209 - RS-232 Micro Line Driver - DB9 Connector

  • Compatible with PC
  • 386/486 Pentium Com Ports
  • Full Duplex to 19.2 KBPS
  • No AC or DC Power
  • Screw Terminals or RJ-11
  • Small Size

Product Description

The Model 209F offers all the features of the Model 201 Short Haul Modem but in a package that is approximately one third the volume. Measuring 1.3" W x 3" L x .85" H, the Model 209F incorporates a female DB9 connector so that it can be plugged directly into any one of the PC's serial COM ports. The 209F and the 201 are fully compatible with each other at the line side.

The Model 209F can be ordered with either screw terminals or an RJ-11 connector. Specify 209FT for screw terminals or 209FP for RJ-11 modular phone connector. The Model 209 contains a DTE/DCE switch to reverse pins 2 and 3 of the DB9 connector.


Model Description Product Info
209FT RS-232 Micro Line Driver - DB9 Connector - Female Connector - Screw Terminals SpecificationsManualApplication Note
209FP RS-232 Micro Line Driver - DB9 Connector - Female Connector - Modular Phone Connector SpecificationsManualApplication Note

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