RS232 DB9 lightning suppressor for PC 386/486 com ports


Model 29 - RS-232 DB9 Lightning Suppressor

  • PC 386/486 Pentium Com Ports
  • Nanosecond Response
  • DB9 Connectors
  • Protects All 9 Lines
  • Ground Stud & Wire Included

Product Description

The Model 29 contains avalanche diodes, one for each line. All diodes are returned to a ground stud. The Model 29 is provided with a 2-foot ground wire, male and female DB9 connectors and supports RS-232 levels. The Model 29 is a low cost solution to the problem of potential equipment damage from induced transients on RS-232 com ports of PC 386/486 Pentium or laptops/notebook pc's.

Model Description Product Info
29 RS-232 DB9 Lightning Suppressor Specifications Manual Application Note

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