Great prices on multiplexor RS232, 3 way splitter attaches to modem, printer or computer, includes dte dce switching


Model 31 - Port Miser Port Sharing Device

  • Expands RS-232 Port by Three
  • Up to 19.2 KBPS
  • No Power

Product Description

The Telebyte Model 31 Port Splitter is a passive device which attaches to a modem, printer or computer and allows up to three terminals, monitors or other input devices such as bar code readers, mag stripe units and specialized key pads to be interconnected. Semiconductor circuits are utilized to provide isolation of the prime signals in the RS-232 interface. Each port has a switch associated with it for reversing Pins 2 & 3 of its respective RS-232 connector. The signals that are isolated include the selected Transmit Data Line and Pins 4 & 20. Each port features a Female connector. The main port consists of a DB25 (Male) connector for connection to a modem, printer or computer. The simplicity of the device allows for quick, simple, plug in operation.

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31 Port Miser Port Sharing Device Specifications Manual Application Note

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