Great prices on RS232 to EIA 530 interface converter, dte dce, rs 422, mil std 188 114, category I and II circuits


Models 62-[1] [2] - RS-232 to EIA-530 Interface Converter

  • Supports 10 Category I & 3 Category II Circuits
  • Full EIA-530 & RS-422 Compliance
  • DTE & DCE Models
  • Meets MIL-STD-188-114 Type 1/2
  • Up to 256 KBPS Data Rate

Port 62-1 62-2






Product Description

The Model 62-1/ -2 RS-232 to EIA-530 Converter is a stand-alone device that allows conversion for the entire interface, providing ten Category-I circuits and three Category-II circuits. The Model 62-1 includes an RS-232 port for interfacing to a DTE, while the Model 62-2 has a port for interfacing to an RS-232 DCE.
Each of these devices is powered by a wall-mounted power supply and an 8-ft line cord. This is fully connectorized using a Mini-DIN connector.

The EIA-530 port on the Model 62-1 / -2 complies with the signal characteristics of MIL-STD-188-114A, Type II. The EIA-530 specification entitled "High Speed 25 Position Interface For Data Terminal Equipment and Data Circuit Terminating Equipment" was approved March 18, 1987. The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) is changing specification nomenclature from RS-XXX to EIA-XXX. EIA-530 has been developed to serve as a complement to EIA-232-D for data rates above 20,000 bps. Together with the EIA-422-A and EIA-423-A, it provides a convenient means of implementing the higher data rates using the same mechanical connector as specified in EIA-232-D. EIA-530 is intended to gradually replace EIA-449 for the higher data rates.

Model Description Product Info
62-[1] [2] EIA-530 to RS-232 Interface Converters - MIL-STD-188-114 Type 2 to RS-232 Specifications Application Note Manuals
62-4PS-SW Switching Power Supply  

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