Great prices on RS232 RS422 interface converter, full duplex, dte dce switch, led indicator, also use as line driver


Model 63-2SA RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter

  • Full Duplex Signals
  • DTE/DCE Switch
  • TD and RD Indicators
  • DC to 115.2 KBPS



Product Description

The Model 63-2SA provides a hardware conversion for full duplex signals between RS-232 and RS-422 I/O ports. Since the RS-232 port may look like a computer or a modem, the converter is equipped with a DTE/DCE selector switch. The Model 63-2S will couple any RS-232C port with any RS-422 device, or two RS-232 devices over a greater distance when using two 63-2SA's back to back as line drivers.

The 63-2SA contains TD and RD LED's to allow rapid verification of equipment performance. A programmable cable terminator provides the flexibility of mating with various cables.

Model Description Product Info
63-2SA RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter

Specifications Manual Application Note

63-2SA-220 RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter - 220 Volts

Specifications Manual Application Note

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