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Model 9271 - RS-232 Fiber Optic Auto Powered Line Driver

  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Standard DB9 Interface
  • RS-232 Data Interface
  • DTE/DCE Switch
  • Half- or Full-Duplex to 115.2 kbps
  • 2 Kilometers on 62/125 Fiber
  • Total Electrical Isolation
  • Eliminates Noise Problems
  • ST Connectors
  • No Power Required

Product Description

The Model 9271
RS-232 Fiber Optic Auto Powered Line Driver features a standard DB9 interface for maximum performance and reliability of data transmission over glass fiber, eliminating the need for serial to nine-pin adapters. In addition, it brings effective data communications to manufacturing environments. It can be installed in applications requiring very high data transmission rates, offers resistance to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and isolation from lightning-induced current surges and ground loops. The unit employs an RS-232 data interface, can achieve 115.2 kbps asynchronously and operates in either half- or full-duplex modes over dual fibers up to 2 km in length.

The Model 9271's ability to take/direct data from/to this interface without any conversion eases implementation. A highly flexible solution, the Model 9271 has been optimized for 62/125 fiber cables, and is compatible with other sizes as well. It features industry-standard ST cable port connectors, plus a DTE/DCE switch to reverse Pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 connector to accommodate equipment with different data output configurations.

Operating current for the Model 9271 is derived from the transmit data line, with a power budget of 12 dB when using 62/125 cable. For applications requiring a dedicated power source, the unit can be ordered with a wall AC-DC power supply (available as the Model 9271A).

The Model 9271 incorporates clips in the outer casing so that the unit can be securely attached to a DIN rail, wall, table or desk in an organized manner.

The 9271-NF version is suitable for MRI Imaging applications that require non-ferrous components for this type of device. 


Model Description Product Info
9271 DB9 Fiber Optic Line Driver Specifications Manual
9271-NF DB9 Fiber Optic Line Driver - Auto Powered/Non-Ferrous Version Specifications Manual
9271A DB9 Fiber Optic Line Driver w/ AC-DC Power Supply Specifications Manual
9271A-220 DB9 Fiber Optic Line Driver w/AC-DC Power Supply 220V

Specifications Manual


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