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Model 65A - RS-232 to Current Loop Converter

  • Active/Passive Loops
  • 20 or 60 mA. Operation
  • DC To 19.2 KBPS
  • Half/Full Duplex
  • Optically Isolated
  • DTE/DCE Selectable


Product Description

The Model 65A is a small, versatile, RS-232 to Current Loop Converters for use with teletypes or computers providing local terminal input via a 20mA. (or 60 ma.) current loop. The Model 65 includes a wall mounted transformer and internal power supply circuitry.

The Model 65A provides switch selection of all operating modes including:

Half Duplex - Passive Loop
Half Duplex - Active Loop
Full Duplex - Passive Loop
Full Duplex -Active Loop

An I/O selection switch is included to allow accommodating both DTE and DCE devices.

The units will drive 20mA. and accept 20mA. or 60mA. loop currents.
The 65A operates from DC to 9.6 KBPS.

Model Description Product Info
65A RS-232 to Current Loop Converter Specifications Manual Application Note
65A-220 RS-232 to Current Loop Converter - 220 Volts Specifications Manual Application Note

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